K.O.Fishing Adventures is a division of Kwadacha Outfitters, owned and operated by the people of the Kwadacha Nation in Fort Ware, British Columbia.

Hello, my name is Eric D. Hocken, head of operations here at K.O.Fishing Adventures. I have been fishing the remote northern B.C. Rockies for a combined 15 years, and I have also worked as a hunting guide throughout B.C. and Alberta for 10 years.

The abundance of species within our fishery and the beauty of the secluded locations in our area make my summer job as a guide extremely enjoyable.

Myself and all of our local guides are highly trained to deal with all situations that may be found within the rugged remote areas in which we call home.

Safety is key while working with all of our clients! All of our staff is trained in Emergency First-Aid and have emergency locations set for any situation that may occur during your trip. Satellite phone contact is always available for all of our clients fishing the remote back-country areas.